MONOPOLY USA 2013 3.8.6

Fun and intuitive PC version of classic board game that supports up to four players

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    Board Games

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    Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows 8

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    5.9 (126)

Playing Monopoly has always been a favorite game with family and friends, and this PC version lets everybody enjoy the fun, using the same rules and properties.

Just like the game you played as a child, the Monopoly USA 2013 gives you an opportunity to become rich by owning the right properties, buying and selling, putting money in your bank and outwitting other players. Easy to understand, multiple players can each take their turn at winning. You can own all the streets, build houses and hotels, be paid by the other players and become the richest man, woman, boy or girl on the block.

Get Out of Jail Free, own Boardwalk or Park Place and all the fun of the original board game are part of this software. Great for all ages, including kids, the computer version lets you share and enjoy all the fun of the Monopoly of the past. Whether one is a cutthroat capitalist or a beginner at banking, this game will make family and friends smile as they roll the dice, pick cards from Community Chest or Chance, Go to Jail, pay a Luxury Tax, see their money grow, watch the timer, or get a reminder that is their turn to play. You can even pass GO and collect money, and the game lets you see the number of Collections as well as the number of Stations and prison cards. It also tracks the last action. You can watch your token move around the board as you get rich and beat your friends in this exciting PC version of the original game.


  • Gives 2 to 4 players the fun of the board game
  • Original rules
  • Family fun on a PC
  • Favorite board game of all


  • Not the traditional family game
  • Many prefer sitting around a real board
  • No fun animation

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